Why You Will Absolutely Love Tall Mirrors

The taller things get, the classier they look. Think about it.

Tall champagne glasses, tall wardrobes, even tall fonts. Tall is very easily associated with slick, classy and glamorous.

Mirrors are no longer restricted to a single room in the house, nor are they associated to a singular purpose.
Yes, you still absolutely need a mirror at the dresser and in the bathroom, but thanks to the fearless journey of design, mirrors have found new value for a myriad of reasons.

A tall mirror is an iconic accessory, but let’s keep the symbolism aside for a minute, and dive into its technical brilliance.
A mirror is used to amplify the brightness of a space. A tall mirror essentially means a larger reflective surface, and thus, a wider spread of light.

Wall-mounted tall mirrors can be a perfect cover for long walls in high-ceiling homes. Also, mounting it up the wall facing a stairway is a brilliant way to add intrigue and style.

On the other hand, tall mirrors are also popularly placed on the floor, which makes them easily moveable, and gives the onlooker the view of a more complete reflection.

These mirrors tend to be associated with minimalism, since they ditch the drawers or cabinets that a typical dresser mirror comes with.

Tall mirrors look sleeker, and make a statement of confidence. They add a lot of grandeur, and reflect a larger-than-life attitude.
They can give you an uniterrupted view of yourself, reflecting your image from head to toe, so you can spend a few more minutes perfecting the smaller details of your appearance, before you head out to own your day.