Real Wood Photo Frames – The Real Classic!

For us at Casa Chic real wood photo frames are the unchallenged number one when it comes to quality and style for the decoration of your home. Using our two new real wood photo frames we would like to show you why wood is the perfect material for your wall decoration.

Wood – Versatile Material for Diverse Possibilities

From a historical point of view wood is the oldest material for manufacturing photo frames and with good reason. Wood is a real classic in all areas and the design constantly changed over the decades with the developing customer taste.

Nowadays there are photo frames in all shapes and colours as well as different types of wood. Those looking for traditional, green and stylish interior decoration should think about real wood photo frames. We would like to show you the advantages of the material wood by means of our two brand new real wood photo frames:

SOLID WOOD Triple Frame for 6×4 Photos – GLASS Front – Frame Width 2cm – White

Real Wood Photo FrameOur new real wood photo frame for three pictures with glass plate combines two quality and traditional materials in one product. The combination of high-quality worked wood and the valuable look of the glass plate gives the product an elegant and modern character.Casa Chic Photo Frames

Furthermore the new frame shows that wooden photo frames are available in all shapes and colours. It offers space for three 10x15cm pictures and literally creates the right framework for your own masterpieces.


SOLID WOOD 10×10″ Square Frame – GLASS Front – With Picture Mount For 7×7″ Photo – Frame Width 2 cm – Black

Black Photo Frame Casa ChicOur second new product is also convincing with modern forms and its valuable look. The square design (10 x 10 inch) makes it a stylish eye-catcher and besides its shape the frame also convinces with a valuable glass plate.

Beautiful Wooden Frames by Casa Chic

It perfectly suits special pieces of your photo collection and will emphasise the classical and elegant character of your photos by means of its 2cm wide frame. Advantages of both new products are the subtle colours, which draw attention for the photo and the harmonious overall appearance without appearing boring.

Advantages and Similarities of All Casa Chic Wooden Photo Frames

Wooden photo frames are eco-friendly and sustainable as wood is a fast growing, easy to access and easy to process material. Furthermore every owner of a wooden photo frame is an owner of an unique product, as every frame has its own very special texture, different profiles and a large variety of colours.

In comparison to other material good processed wood never appears cheap or bad style and is always the right choice for each frame style no matter if baroque style, elegant high-gloss frame or natural real wood frame. No other material offers more opportunities than real wood.

If you are a fan of DIY you probably know that wooden frames are the first choice for creative art work with photo frames. Real wood frames can be designed individually no matter if you would like to use paintbrush, glue or pens. Be creative and the best thing is probably that you can easily redesign your frames if you do not like the current design anymore, just grind down the old design and start over.


If you are looking for quality, flexibility, style and sustainability for your home, than you should definitely think about real wood photo frames. High-quality wooden frames offer exactly what you need to feel comfortable in your own four walls. For more information about our photo frames and more inspiration for you interior design you can visit our shop.