Modern Interior Design

Designing the interior of a personal space or an environment can be extremely tough. Finding the perfect style is not the easiest as investing into interior design can be expensive. An easy and minimalist style could be the modern design. This style of design is very simple from colors, to material, all the way to lighting.

Colors in Modern Interior Design

In this style of modern interior design there is not many colors to choose from. As main colors people mostly use black or white, or other shades coming from it like grey tones. As secondary colors which can be used to balance it out, these colors could be beige, or other brown tones mixed with green.


The material for a modern environment can go anywhere from rough wooden items to smooth wood and metal items. Although the majority should be smooth and symmetrical and have a polished and clean look some items can also be rougher and maybe of age, in order to stand out a little. The material for the clean looking items should be anything from polished wood, with paint, to metal which is smooth too.


Having good lighting in modern interior design is really the key to nailing this style. Big windows really help this aspect as natural light is really the most amazing to work with. Another way of achieving more light is through mirrors and lamps. Warm lamps fit more into the style, they can be linked with nearby mirrors which work to reflect light. These lights should have a high Watt number as there has to be a lot of light to keep the modern aesthetic.

To sum it up, to have a modern aesthetic the basics are to have simple and plain colors, mixed with the right materials. These should be anything from smooth wood to metal, to keep a clean and symmetrical look. The lighting is also extremely important as it brings out the modern look more.