How To Create a Multi Frame Gallery Wall…

…without spending a lifetime trying to ensure everything is perfectly aligned.

1 Make sure NONE of your frames are aligned.
TOP TIP: Use your old (not so loved) frames to create a real mix of styles – you may be surprised which frame ends up being your favourite.


2 Make your favourite picture the keystone – everything will hang off it.

TOP TIP: The Keystone picture does not have to be the biggest, but it should be of some size.




3 Choose a general direction of travel – here the frames cascade down from the keystone picture – move from large to small frames as you move towards the edges.


4 Create X and Y axis from the keystone pic using four other pictures – these four pictures will anchor the whole gallery.

TOP TIP: Design your gallery on the floor first, then take a photo of it from directly above – if the gallery looks good in that photo, proceed to the wall, starting with the keystone picture and move outwards.