Finding Your Colors

In interior design finding the perfect colors for a room, apartment or personal space is extremely important.  Choosing a color automatically chooses the mood, vibe and aura of the environment. Important always to find the mood you would like to portray.

Dark Colors

Colors like dark greys or black portray a very interesting mood it gives the room a smaller look. Especially if the room is very large dark furniture or accessories really change up and the spacing looks way smaller. Dark colors gives a room or personal space a moody vibe and really enhance the personal space. Dark colors work well if you live in warmer countries as it gives it a colder look.

Mixing dark colors works well with both with cold and warm colors. An extraordinary look is created when mixing dark colors like black together with red or orange tones. Ot really gives it a nice look, and is color variation very often used in Asia.

The cold look is really created by mixing blacks and greys with blues. This creates a cold atmosphere and is often used in warmer countries. It really gives the body a cooling illusion and helps with relaxation. As there colors stimulise the body better.

Light Colors

The use of light colors in a personal space will authentically lighten up the space as it naturally gives the brain the illusion of light, especially with the use of white or creme. These colorways come in very handy in colder countries as they create a warmer atmosphere.

Light colors can be well mixed with both blueish colors and reddish toned colors. Mixing it with blues or greys again makes a colder atmosphere. Mixing it with reddish colors, makes an atmosphere with his very warm and is one of the most used color combinations in interior design.