Add a Warm Weather Feel to Your Rooms

Everyone has those days were you just want to stay in your bed all day because it is either cold, or dark outside and it’s just not very inviting to walk around in your own personal space. That is why you should always decorate your apartment, house or room with rather warm colors especially if you live in colder countries. The phrase “Home sweet home” usually depicts a warm and inviting image, no matter what season of the year. All it takes to make a warmer environment around you is a bit of cleverness. The use of, lighting, texture, home decor, and colors.


In terms of color think about the color of the walls, choose fabrics in nice colors, and furniture and accessories must also blend in well. Yellow, orange, red and beige are regarded as warm hues and really make your room look cleaner, and most importantly warmer. The opposite of this would be colors like blue or grey which makes a room look colder. A way of always getting this correct, make sure to buy white or beige furniture and accessories, as it always blends into a warm environment, although you need to make sure there is not to much white in the environment.


Another way of giving your room a warmer vibe is by adding flowers. This does not only add a warmer vibe but also more life and therefore makes it more comfortable to live. Some lovely vibrant flowers in nice warm vases always do the trick and give your environment a warm weather feel. You have to make sure that there isn’t to many plants and that they stay healthy.


Adding some wood also gives your room a warmer feel. Incorporate wooden furniture, or wooden coffee tables or have some nice wooden chairs. Make sure that they are more or less dry wood as it gives the environment a boost of a warm weather feel, plus it is very convenient to just sit down and enjoy a drink, so an area with a chair or chairs and a small coffee table is advised to boost a warm environment.


Lighting is more or less the most important aspect to make a warm weather looking environment. Make sure to mix some warm artificial lights in darker areas of the room with natural lights from windows or doors. Another trick for if its too bright, is to add some white curtains or beige curtains. Also make sure to use candles or warm reading lamps for the night or evening, as the environment will still look warm.